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Pretty soon I’m going to need to invent a new title for this Quarantine Dairy.  I don’t want to be writing Diary #273 and #401 – even though I am beginning to understand that in many ways, we are going there.

I read this Twitter question. 

What will go away from here on out?  The answers were things like:

  • Shaking hands to greet each other
  • All-you-can-eat restaurant buffets
  • Church and other organization’s potluck dinners
  • Commuting to jobs that one does not need to do from a particular office

Here are some more thoughts that are mine:

  • Trying on clothes and shoes and then putting them back if you don’t want them
  • Political campaigns run by knocking on doors, and holding meet-n-greets in peoples’ homes, and big rallies.
  • Cruise vacations
  • Airplanes filled with people flying to meetings they could probably do via internet connections
  • College will change. I can’t fathom how that will look, but there will need to be less crowding with just as much interaction. I don’t know.
  • Expecting public school teachers to risk their lives with Covid AND gun violence for low-to-middle-range salaries.
  • Racism against and blanket expulsion of documented/undocumented immigrants will have to cease. Thoughtful and unthoughtful Americans want their grocery store produce and meat sections well stocked.  We can’t have one without the other.  Unless, OMG, what if we paid farm workers well enough?  I wonder where white supremacy will burrow into next.
  • Also, have you noticed that so many medical care providers are people with accents?  Is it time for you to read or reread Abraham Verghese’s novel, “Cutting for Stone”?
  • Restaurants. I’m sure they will come back in some ways but how anxious are you to sit at a table in a crowded dining room among a hundred unknown fellow citizens all talking and chewing at the same time?
  • Gyms. Locker rooms?
  • Public restrooms along interstates. How’s that going to work?

What ordinary routines and rituals do you think won’t come back?

Did you notice this whole spiel is about how to be middle class in the USA? 

When will I/we think globally?

I’ve decided to not repost or retweet any more stuff about quarantine protesters. At this point, we know what the question is, we know how dangerous it is to assume the pandemic can’t get worse, some states are opening, and we will watch in real time what happens. 

We know the protests are organized by particular groups who are using this moment to further their agendas.

Every time we pass along comments and stories we are giving them free publicity.

I’m suggesting here that even when the stuff is witty or perceptive, we don’t pass it on.

70% of us oppose lifting restrictions willy-nilly.  We have this. 

I was outside two hours yesterday and two hours this morning burning sticks. We had that half-a-tree in our yard after Chet the Magnificent did his arborist thing last week. Len and I separated out what we wanted to keep into various piles; that left a pile of sticks almost as tall as me.

I ordered the firepit (firepot?). It arrived and this evening the sticks are ashes. When they are completely cool I’ll put them in the compost.

The sticks were bigger than the firepit, so one would grab one branch at a time, break it down, stick it in the fire.  Sometimes I had to use the loppers to get the branches down to size. This was on top of my five-mile hike yesterday.  So yup, I’ve got sore muscles. Ibuprofen helps and so does wine and brie and the sourdough bread that will be coming out of the oven any minute now.  

Here's a side-truth. I’m not overwhelmed by pandemic-related worry, fear, or anger.

It seems to me this might be a good time for communities to arrange clean-ups, invasive-vegetation removal, and bird counts.  Not hard to do those things at a social distance and we humans do better when we can get some outside into out insides.





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I just read this: "More than half of the consumers (52 percent) who shifted to digital grocery shopping say they won’t go back to their old ways of shopping, as online delivery and curbside pickup are gaining ground. And 60 percent of the consumers who shifted to digital to shop for things other than grocery items say the same." (

Yesterday in the truck, I asked by husband, “How will we eat at restaurants while wearing masks?”. I dunno. Many of my “problems” are first world ones, I won’t have to decide whether or not to go back to work when my job reopens. ( we are retired).

I received this this morning after a long distance corona distancing conversation, this is how dating in the age of this corvid-19 virus goes on.... "Still feeling an afterglow from our conversation yesterday ( 3+hrs ) Felt like we were just hanging out and putting our own pieces together, seeing what kind of new picture emerges. The Nappy-Headed Little Boy has found a special place in my heart. Painful to think about James and those early days of AIDS as we look back in retrospect and wonder what kind of difference the COCKTAIL might have made on our fragile networks of friends and lovers. The same will be said about CORVID-19 when the right treatment is discovered. Loving the memories of those we've lost is all we can do".... We can't physically meet so we've been texting, emailing and having phone conversations of painful, funny,personal,deep and sometimes not so deep topics... Slowly building a foundation for a budding relationship that we have no idea when we can actually meet across a table and make a physical connection... We already know more about each other than had we been together physically for a year...
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Meeting and dating in the Covid world. This is sure different.

So far, so good! I have plenty of projects. Had an online chat with a (Danish) friend living in New York. Had a 12 foot distance chat outside with my regular walking partner. Then theirs the jigsaw puzzle: a fovorite place to visit in Denmark. Life is just fine...who would have thought I could manage speaking so little!
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Since you are bi-lingual, I guess this means you are now quiet in two languages?

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Quarantine Diary #108 6/30/2020 Woke Neighbors

I was quietly sitting here, just writing, when I heard yelling. I looked up and there was Modern America Right Here Right Now, in front of my house.

Cops had a car pulled over and were yelling at someone to come out. A black man with dreadlocks got out, hands in air, protesting and arguing to the cops. I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, but he was arguing respectfully. I heard his “Sir” several times. He was not swearing that I could hear.

Quarantine Diary #104 6/26/2020 Common Sense

This very small story has been lurking in my mind for decades and I have been thinking about it again, just recently.

One afternoon I overheard my dad complaining to my mom about schoolteachers. I suppose they were having a busy week in the print shop when a teacher from the high school dropped off, late in the day, a print job that needed to be completed in less time than was convenient. I’m guessing it was the school newspaper.

Quarantine Diary #101 6/23/2020 Today the Protest Came to Us

I keep saying Len and I are not going to protests because of Covid.

But then one came to us.

Late yesterday afternoon we heard that Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos would be at a meeting this morning at Saratoga STEM school here in Waukesha. It's three blocks from our house. 

The meeting was to talk about school choice. School choice is when you take taxpayer education funds away from local schools, change neighborhood schools into “choice schools” that will attract kids from outside that neighborhood and then you underfund the neighborhood school that's left.

Quarantine Diary #99 6/20/2020 "A bonfire of small changes ..."

This evening Trump is speaking to a political rally in a Tulsa venue that can hold 19,000 people. There will be no social distancing. The place is enclosed. Masks are optional. Boggles the mind.

Yesterday morning I went to a local Stein’s garden mecca to see if they have marigolds on sale yet. They don’t even have marigolds NOT on sale!

But this happened.

I wore a mask. There were only about six other people shopping while I was there and they were all masked, too. The clerk, working outside in that 85-degrees of drenching humidity, was also wearing a mask.

Quarantine Diary #97 Le Bistro de Garage..

People don’t need to care about “decorating and home design.” As long as one can live safely in their abode while getting done the things they need and want to get done, that’s civilization.

Quarantine Diary #93 6/14/2020 What happens when life goes on hold?

Since I stopped writing every day the Quarantine Diary number no longer precisely matches the number of days since I (we) fell into this pandemical rabbit hole. I just calculated. I started intentionally quarantining March 13th – which means I am now on day #93.  From now on, I will label the days since quarantine started, not how many diary entries I have written.  It’s more relevant to consider how long this has gone on. Your tally might vary by a few days, depending on when you realized you were in quarantine also.

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