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The Racine AAUW used Book Sale is an exceptional sale for folks who love to read and/or give books to others. The sale is thousands upon thousands of fiction, non-fiction, how-to’s, coffee table books, children’s books, puzzles, even some sheet music – and the preponderance of what they offer is sold at $1-$2 per item.  

Everything is donated (MANY books have been donated by generous people in Waukesha and then ferried to Racine by me, AKA The Book Coyote). Books are organized by AAUW volunteers and as you already know, older women do NOT mess around. This is not towering stacks of tipsy tomes. This sale is orderly, you can see what’s available by topic and author.

All proceeds go to educational programs and scholarships for women. Last year they raised $40,000.

It’s worth a drive. From the sale site at the corner of West and Washington you can walk to; Bendtsen’s Bakery (3200 Washington), Larsen’s Bakery (3311 Washington). You can sit down and have a latte with Racine’s best thinkers at Wilson’s Coffee and Tea (their Morning Glory muffins are terrific) at 3306 Washington.  From the sale site it’s a 9-minute drive to North Beach where you could walk along Lake Michigan. You drive past the Racine Art Museum to get to the beach. You can stop for a perch sandwich and a brewski (they have a full menu but why not eat a Lake Michigan fish next to Lake Michigan?) at Joey’s Yardarm, 920 Erie.




These sales are some of my favorite things to do, for the price of a new book I walk out with a bag full of new to me reading material... My ex and I go together every time... Afterwards head downtown for beer and an amazing burger at *TOAD HALL* or *THE IVANHOE PUB & EATERY* or dinner at *OLD MADRID* or any of the other places to eat Racine has to offer... With all the money you'll save at the AAUW book sale you can afford to treat yourself again with a good meal, bring one of your new books with you and get an early start on some reading...
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And Franc KNOWS how to work Racine....

I ALWAYS went to this book sale. You’ve got me missing Racine (a bit) because you and Franc mention so many good places. Maybe I’d also stop at North Beach and then the Racine Art Museum as well.

I forgot to mention the *BUTCHER AND BARREL GASTROPUB* at 300 6th Street, they open at 5, $$$ but both the drinks and food are memorable and Oh so worth it... That was Michael's discovery so I'll give him all the credit for that one... Anyway whether you go to eat afterwards or not, go buy some books and help give some deserving women a scholarship...

Looks like Heaven on Earth to me. Browsing used book sales are among my most favorite activities. Our town library recently held a children's book sale...everything from board books up to YA. I volunteered for a three hour shift and when it got slow I decided to shop a little. I came across the book Wonder by Palacio, about a boy born with a facial deformity. Reassured by my coworker that it is uplifting I took it home. Wonder is wonderful! Some parts are sad but a sadness that opens your heart more instead of opening your tear ducts. Glad to hear the AAUW book sale has been such a success and the proceeds go to a great cause. Ha ha...I love the term Book Coyote!

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Rosemary Radford Ruether & The Fierce Poetry of Hope

5/23/2022 Rosemary Radford Ruether

 “Rosemary Radford Ruether, a founding mother of feminist theology, has died at age 85”


Rosemary Ruether taught at Garret Evangelical Theological Seminary while I was a student there in the late 1970’s. I only took one class from her but for me it was a doozy.

Where Heritage is Found

Last week I spoke with a woman who  is working to support MayaWorks.

I sent her this writing I did back in 2006.


I stayed several days with the Sepet family, a very cash-poor Maya family that lives in the altiplano, the mountains of Guatemala.  These people were so intelligent, gracious, strong, and hospitable.  

This adventure happened during my second day with them.

The Badlands


The Lakota call this land "mako sica" which translates into "badlands." They and many other wanderers and settlers named it this because it is so hard to travel through.

Wade in the Waters


This is a small announcement that could be a lot of fun for some of you.

For the past two years Len has been a volunteer Wisconsin stream monitor. Once per summer month Len and another guy (with whom he has become friends) check water quality and stream-bed life at a few local sites. Before they started, they received clear but uncomplicated training in order to understand what is being looked for and how the testing equipment works. And they received hip waders!

Best Used Book Sale Ever

The Racine AAUW used Book Sale is an exceptional sale for folks who love to read and/or give books to others. The sale is thousands upon thousands of fiction, non-fiction, how-to’s, coffee table books, children’s books, puzzles, even some sheet music – and the preponderance of what they offer is sold at $1-$2 per item.  

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