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FIRST – THE OFFER IF you live in Waukesha or Racine.

Len and I are going to Madison this coming Saturday. We can pick up a handmade-from-scratch frozen pie for you - and Len and I will deliver it TO you (probably) on Sunday afternoon.  That is – March 11.

Pies are $14 each and you can choose your flavor – Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Peach-raspberry, Strawberry-rhubarb

Put the frozen pie into your oven at 325 for about 3 hours.  Or, thaw and bake around an hour - in either case bake til you can see the filling bubbling a little.

Email via the contact pge. You order will NOT end up in the comment, I promise!


Many of you know my son and his wife. They live and work in the Madison area.

Son and DIL also have two dogs; Bean and Berry. Oh man, those wonderful goofball DOGS! They stayed with us a week while son and DIL went on their honeymoon – that was a hilarious week. Bean and Berry LOVE people! They LOVE their kibble! They love to explore (together, up and down the stairs) where the cat may have gone! They drink water so enthusiastically I think they could get side jobs as lawn sprinklers. 

Both pups were both rescue dogs.  Bean arrived first and he can jump from the ground into our son’s arms in one giant leap for mankind. Berry, who was adopted a few months later, is taller and not as “focused” as Bean, which is saying something… Berry’s daily hope and dream is to be close to nice people; she especially loves to be very close to our DIL -  with her paw or head in DIL’s lap. Or on her arm. Or with her large warm muzzle tucked into the crook of DIL’s neck when they watch TV.

They train Bean using snacks. Bean especially loves tiny snacks that fly through the air so he can leap to catch them.

Berry doesn’t really “get” a lot of the intellectual concepts other dogs understand such as training snacks. Her greatest love, like I said, is our DIL. Our son doesn’t fault Berry for this, he feels similarly.

And then this happened. A few weeks ago, at the dog park, Bean ran SO FAST he hurt his back leg. He limped; they took him to the vet. A week later he was still quiet and uncomfortable so they took him back.  X-rays revealed a fractured heel – in dogs the heel is the joint half way down their legs. So Bean had a complicated surgery last week. The prognosis is that in two months he will be okay. Yup. Eight weeks keeping a young dog down. 

Son and his wife have good jobs - but one complicated dog leg surgery later they are motivated to rebuild their budget via side hustles.

And that is why I am writing.

Long story short: Son has eight years of full and part time professional cooking/baking experience under his belt.  As well as six months of weekend pie-baking at the Norske Nook (just outside Madison).  Son has been working a kitchen since he was four – I may have had something to do with the beginnings of his skill and passion for bread, pizzas, pasta, and pie; his expertise is all his own. I can’t make a loaf of bread even close to his French bread baked at 500 degrees…

More than a year ago he and DIL started baking pies to sell. They always donated a portion of their profits to a cause of the month that they and their friends would pick. Since he no longer works in restaurants, this side hustle was a way to do a thing he likes to do, give back to the world, and maybe make enough to go out for a nice dinner now and then.

You can visit their venture on Facebook at “North Street Pies”

And now you see where this is going. Pies for Bean. Bean Pies. 

I asked Son if I should offer pies to Racine and Waukesha friends and he said yes. (He made 17 pies for his own wedding in two days.)

This is the offer: same as I wrote above:  Len and I are going to Madison this coming Saturday. We can pick up a handmade-from-scratch frozen pie for you - and Len and I will deliver it TO you (probably) on Sunday afternoon.  March 11.

They are selling these pies for $14 each and you can choose your flavor – Apple, or Blueberry, or Cherry, or Peach, or Peach raspberry, or Strawberry rhubarb

Bake the frozen pie at 325 for about 3 hours.  Or, thaw and bake about an hour - until you can see the filling bubbling a little.

If you live near Madison, you can contact them on your own via their FB page.


You mean if I had ordered pies - you and Len would have delivered them? Oh man, always a day late and a dollar short. I would have picked peach - raspberry. I’m drooling. Hoping Bean is on the mend

Hah. Whenever I visit you (after you and Noah get off the ark) I will bring you a peach-raspberry pie. Which will involve driving to Madison first, then to your house - so that pie will travel about 200 miles to get to you. Someday.

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Our Brother is still working at the same warehouse, full-time, $9/hr.  

Back in June the Child Support dep’t had negotiated 3 purges (purge is the term Child Support uses for the bond one pays in order to get out of or stay out of jail once warrants are listed). His three purges on his three child support cases were $350 and $500 and $500. I invited people to make contributions to his cause.


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