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September 14, 2017

Zounds and Zowie! Here’s my new website!  It’s taken way too many months and an astounding amount of eye-and-brain-numbing work on Len’s part -- but here it is!

I’m so happy to be finally here. There will, of course, be snafus along the way, but we’ll get it figured out.

While I wasn’t posting on my old website, I WAS writing. I have new essays to post in the upcoming weeks as well as a book report and a short story. All of these things will be the regular writerly flim-flam that you - who have been reading my stuff for ages - already know to expect.

There will be some new stuff, too. This website is one place to corral the various ways I write, think, care, and talk.

I am in a long and heart-wrenching process of interviewing a man who I first met in the jail employment group that I coordinated. His story is exhausting. Black Lives Matter, folks. Black Lives Matter. Neither he nor I are sure how we will present his story, but it will be a series of reports and essays and he will be in charge of what we do and don’t say. I am hoping that together we can invent ways to support him to make his precious life less fraught. And then I hope that what we learn helping him will be knowledge we can take forward with us into our lives and neighborhoods.

You will also see that the 20-year old Less Is More Gazette is back!! Many folks are working hard these days to live more frugally in order that their lives and their kids’ futures will be “richer.”  I love this stuff. Not all of us have the same enthusiasm about the Tightwad Life - but I hope to gain new readers here. This will be one more place on the internet where folks can discuss how to Afford what We Need, Live Responsibly, Build a Simpler Life, and Chase that Sexy Minimalism!

In this past year I have preached several times in my own and other churches and I plan to do this more often. In the past I presented talks about family life and raising kids, about Fair Trade and Guatemala. This feels like a good time in my life to put together new talks and programs. Keep me in mind for your church or service organization! Will someone please ask me to lead a program about “How to think about Retirement”, please? Because I think there is plenty more going on around this topic than just having enough money. I need to get my thoughts in order …

Little Ads!  Maybe I can earn a bit more income along the way. For $12 a month - $2 of which will go to a great organization – you can advertise your Etsy shop or your organization’s upcoming event or wish a public Happy Birthday to your 90-year old Auntie who will be astounding to BE ON-LINE!

So we are not at all bored! Len is working 20+ hours producing digital marketing for Hape Toys. (You could friend them on Facebook. They host frequent contests where you might win awesome toys for your kids and grands. And they don’t sell your email address to anyone else. Says the guy across the room from me who would know!) I am writing and speaking. We are involved in our church, some causes in our community, and we still have our three kids with their exciting lives. (This year it’s the new baby, a wedding, and a move across the country. Not bored yet!)

So welcome. There’s a lot of the old and a lot that will be new.  I am glad to be here and I hope you are, too!

Mary Beth


So glad you are back!!! I'm going to give your website information to Dee. She will love it. Hmmmm -Etsy. Maybe I will be advertising my handwoven rugs thru you sometime soon!!!!

Love the new website - well worth the wait! I will enjoy it immensely.

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