When the Spirit says ...

Making Breakfast

I have written seven letters to various elected officials in the past three days. I need a vision in my head of people who live their lives with integrity. Do you?
I wrote the following in 2006 after I had spent three days in the altiplano (highlands) of Guatemala with the family of one of the MayaWorks weavers.
Please, when you are done reading this, go to MayaWorks.org and order something, if you can.

This is how Doña V, and a million other Maya women, make breakfast for their families every morning.

DO Something

City cemetery tree

Between my first and second years of seminary I took a job as the director of a day camp in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. This was one of the most awful and wonderful summers of my adult life.

Palm Sunday and Bernie Sanders rallies


Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AqLubBDd4M
Or google this: Bernie Sanders, Dancing in the Street, 2016

I saw this video on Facebook which someone made about the Bernie Sanders campaign. It’s set to “Dancing in the Streets” and is lively, goofy, and proud of the fun and truth going on in the Sanders campaign at this time.

Wild and beautiful

Today a friend of ours, Larry Morkert, passed away. He’s been in fragile medical health for a long time, but as for the crisis that took his life on earth, it started after supper last night and ended this morning.

I don’t have lots to say. Sideswiped by this loss that of course we knew was coming. But not today, oh Lord, not today.

Retirement, Day 2

I am officially in my 2nd day of retirement. My how time flies when one is having fun...

I announced my retirement on Facebook; it’s been a kick how many people are saying celebratory things. Interesting that of all the things that divide Americans, we seem to all be on the same page about the glorious difference between getting up in the morning and going to work – and getting up in the morning to do whatever we think we want.

Give Thanks, Give Money

I am listening to the news which is on in a different room. In a few minutes it will be announced whether charges will be brought against the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

I don’t have much to say about this, other than it is not safe to have dark skin while young. Maybe it's just not safe to be young, either.


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