Asking Questions - sermon of 1/29/2017

My church worship committee asked if I would preach this week. I said yes, then thought about and worked on this for weeks.
My church, BTW, is United Unitarian Universalist of Waukesha. I've never gone to a church in my life where I didn't need to hide some of my doubts and skepticism about the theologies or practices of that church. It is a revelation to me to bring ALL of me to church - convictions and doubts, ideas and questions, all equally welcome. Where the question of who can fill the pulpit is - "Does this person have something edifying to say?"

1553 was a Rough Year to be an Original Thinker.

In case you find the chunk of history I am considering today tedious – I’m writing this mostly for me. If I don’t write stuff like this, I tend to forget how the events fit together. Since I was a senior in high school, I’ve been interested in history - possibly because my brother was in Vietnam that year, and I was so intensely aware that I was living in it.

Two things happened in 1453 and two guys were born in 1509 and I think we are still dealing with what happened then that’s not done yet.

Time Off to Think about Work

For nearly ten years I coordinated the Employment Program in the Racine County Jail (through a programming contracting company). What I did was figure out what guys (or women) in the jail at any particular time were qualified to be in the program. I’d interview them, have them moved to the Huber dorm of the jail (the portion of jail population allowed to leave the jail for designated times). I led employability skills workshops for inmates and then participants had three weeks in which to look for and obtain a job.

220-Year Old Rules for Developing a Strong Community, As Laid Down by a Competitive Honeymooner.

I have been reading “William Cooper’s Town; Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early American Republic” by Alan Taylor. Alan Taylor is an expert in Colonial history; he teaches at the University of California-Davis.

The real life figure of William Cooper was the real life father of James Fennimore Cooper, who wrote “The Pioneers”, a thinly disguised novel of his father’s complicated life.

Light a Fire

September 9, 2006 This was the last column I wrote for the Racine Journal Times. In the week that followed this, I received a letter from the paper informing that as a cost-cutting measure they were dismissing their non-staff writers. I was surprised although, truth told, I had started working fulltime coordinating the jail employment program just the month before so it was a relief to no longer write a weekly column.

Palm Sunday and Bernie Sanders rallies


Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AqLubBDd4M
Or google this: Bernie Sanders, Dancing in the Street, 2016

I saw this video on Facebook which someone made about the Bernie Sanders campaign. It’s set to “Dancing in the Streets” and is lively, goofy, and proud of the fun and truth going on in the Sanders campaign at this time.

Wild and beautiful

Today a friend of ours, Larry Morkert, passed away. He’s been in fragile medical health for a long time, but as for the crisis that took his life on earth, it started after supper last night and ended this morning.

I don’t have lots to say. Sideswiped by this loss that of course we knew was coming. But not today, oh Lord, not today.

Give Thanks, Give Money

I am listening to the news which is on in a different room. In a few minutes it will be announced whether charges will be brought against the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

I don’t have much to say about this, other than it is not safe to have dark skin while young. Maybe it's just not safe to be young, either.


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