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Getting Off the Tilt-a-Whirl

Flox by the railroad tracks at 7AM. 5-18-2017

Over here at the Lucky Dog Chalet (our house) we are at Day #5 of being above-average happy about Life in General.

I’ve always been more curious about success than failure. It’s easy to be miserable; just eat a sleeve of store-bought cookies, blame it on someone else, then watch the news. Right? How to be miserable in 3 simple steps without getting off the sofa

But happy? Content? Pleased?

What happened? What brought on this Cloud of Mild Cheer?

Here’s what happened.


Making Breakfast

I have written seven letters to various elected officials in the past three days. I need a vision in my head of people who live their lives with integrity. Do you?
I wrote the following in 2006 after I had spent three days in the altiplano (highlands) of Guatemala with the family of one of the MayaWorks weavers.
Please, when you are done reading this, go to and order something, if you can.

This is how Doña V, and a million other Maya women, make breakfast for their families every morning.

The Mindful Chicken

Cheap: Sometimes I’m as cheap, cheep, cheep as a chicken.

Mindful: I like to think about how to live the best life most simply, enjoying life on earth without assuming it’s all here for me. You know; like using ALL the water and never sharing and buying whatever is cheapest without regard to how it got to me and where it’s going when I’m done with it.

Which would be a good mascot for me and many of you, too. Mindful chickens.

This is what I did this morning.

Quitting Facebook. Yes I am!

I was just looking at Facebook because I didn’t want to eat any more honeydew, didn’t want to get up and move stuff around, pack for the weekend, or read further into Oedipus at Colossus (I know, weird), or find my Kindle and load a book I’ve been hankering to read into it. You know … all the regular reasons to look at FB. I.e. can you spell procrastination?

Getting Wealthier and Wealthier

I love to read almost anything that promises me “5 (or 11 or 27) Ways To … get thinner, fatter, smarter, thriftier, cleverer, MORE beautiful (because it’s hard to be MORE gorgeous than we already are, right?), be a better parent, take better care of my house, and/or increase national security and world peace from the comfort of my side of the bed. I love lists. Not sure if I am proud of this, but it’s the truth so let’s go with that.

I decided that within my new and improved website I will have lists, from time to time, about how (through much hard work and steadfast discipline, you’ll see) I am getting Wealthier and Wealthier.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam - Next time I adopt kittens, I’m naming them Flotsam and Jetsam. Hah…

We have a small and not-young (neither are we) Ford Ranger truck. If you know us, you’ve seen it. And if you saw us tooling around in our truck in the past six months, you likely noticed that the bed of that truck was jammed with askew boxes, ungainly garbage bags, lamp bodies, picture frames, small and large furniture, and more. All on its way to Goodwill or some other destination.

Getting rid of 30-some years of stuff. The How’s and the Whoas!

Photos and writing:

It was time to attack Len’s college and early adulthood photos; my files and piles of early writing. This was a stunning chore to do. Both Len and I have reams of writing and he has/had boxes of old photographs from his college and early adulthood years. What does one do with all that? He’s worked at this more than me, but I have spent hours at this also.

The Adventure of Less

In the past few years, of all the adventures that I have had or which have presented themselves and I had to deal with, I think the experience that changed me most was getting rid of so much of our stuff. We moved from 2300 to 1400 square feet. Even before we knew what house we would buy we were sure it would be smaller since that was the objective! So when we were clearing/cleaning the old house in order to sell – we didn’t just organize and compact our belongings … we got rid of things.


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