Q is for Querns

A quern is the 10,000-year old Cuisinart. The photo I am using today is of a quern found in southern Arizona and set outside the door to the park headquarters of Organ Pipe National Monument, I recognized it because I’ve written about querns in the past!

Quern - 3 With a recipe!

A quern is two rocks fitted against each other as a primitive grinding machine that allowed people to turn tough things (grain, grasses, minerals, rocks) into useable thing (flour, powders, tints, pigments).

Several months ago we had 11 friends over to dinner and much to my dismay; the two chickens I had bought provided 10 pieces of chicken. I (cleverly) didn’t have any. Later all my gorgeous and wondrous friends insisted there was plenty of chicken, they each got one piece and besides, there were plenty of other things to eat.

Quern - 2

What Quern do you need next?

A quern is an old (Scots?) word for a millstone - two rocks shaped and fitted to rub against each other as efficiently as possible to mill grain into flour.

In the Employability Skills workshops I facilitate for jail inmates, we spend 10-45 minutes (depending on the group and the day) talking about budgeting. I give them a l-o-n-g list of the normal things most folks have to afford each month. They fill it out according to their individual lives; we talk about their expenses and where they might possibly be able to cut back.

Quern - I

I was so startled when I was playing Words with Friends and the word ‘quern’ worked! What’s a quern? I went straight to that font of all human knowledge and wisdom – Wikipedia.

A quern is the 10,000-year old Cuisinart. Seriously, there are querns that old in Syria. Or there were until Assad oppressed his nation into war, destruction, and gassing children to death. I bet the Archeological Treasures from the Cradle of Civilization are not doing well these days.


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