S is for System

I have a system for sleeping.

I get ready for bed, and then I read for a while. When I get v-e-r-y sleepy, I roll over and Len scratches my back mindlessly while he reads. To make this even cuter, our cat has learned to jump on the bed and head-butt my hand until I scratch her back while Len scratches mine.

The cat and I fall asleep.

After a while Len also gets sleepy, turns off his light, and crumples into his side of the bed. He sighs and then breathes slower and slower until he is asleep.

B is for Boston Tea Party

Dave took this photo last fall in North Dakota.

Today the Republican Congressional representatives of the Tea Party are front and center. Will they support the Trump(don’t)Care plan, or will they balk because it isn’t penny-pinching enough to suit their model of what government is supposed to do? (Nuthin’ but wars, apparently…)

Here’s my question. Since the “Boston Tea Party” is their motif of patriotism, what happened at that first and famous Boston Tea Party? Why did those early patriots have one?


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