C is for Challenges that Count

The first time I went to Guatemala (on a MayaWorks tour, ) the reality that most astounded me was the children. The kids were so bright-eyed and happy that they were nearly incandescent!

Why are kids in incredibly poor places often so incredibly happy; far happier it seems than our kids? Our kids too often look wary, or cloyingly precocious, or bored. I’m talking about our average American kids from reasonable families with no particular mental or physical challenges.

A is for Access to Assets

An asset is anything that makes your life work stronger and better. Assets are good things to try to get.

I am not even close to wealthy yet when my eyes pop open in the middle of the night and the Wide-Eyed Bunny of Insomnia twitches its whiskers at me –I can move down the hall to the small bedroom where there is a single bed already made up and waiting for me. Then I switch my phone to free Pandora comedians who mumble just exactly the way I require to divert my attention - and I fall back asleep.

Dreams - Part Four

A coyote dream

Do you know what “dream catchers” are? Sure you do. They are those “Native American” hoops crosshatched with yarn, various fibers, feather, and odd tokens that are mostly made in China and sold in tourist shops.

Look them up on the internet if you want to learn more about the history and purpose of true dream catchers. I was surprised that they were originally made to “catch” the bad parts of dreams; to only let good and true dreams through to the dreamer. Someone should have called them “dream strainers”.

Dreams - Part One

Dreams are conversations your brain has with itself


She has 5 children (duh) and a busy life (double-duh) and she writes comically and beautifully about the chaos of family life and acceptance of imperfection in oneself and one’s family. I don’t have kids underfoot anymore, yet I avidly follow her at

Recently she described some wacky dreams she’s been having …
I’m going to write MY post responding to HER post.

Little Red Notebook - "People keep believing ......"

Little Red Notebook

For those of you who are new here – a few weeks ago I retired the small red notebook that I’d been carrying in my purse for two years. It’s filled with grocery lists, to-do lists, random email addresses, recommended movies, books, and internet sites. It also contains odd questions and quotes that caught my attention along the way. Before I retire it permanently … I’m pulling out thoughts.
“People keep believing what they think they need to keep believing.”

Little Red Notebook - Appetizers

Homemade bread waiting for saganaki...

I don’t know when I wrote this entry in my little notebook - or why. I must have been planning to have friends to dinner.

Radishes, Sicilian olives, flatbread, Feta
Herring and Aquavit
Pork, beef, shrimp, pineapple, skewers

I did not grow up in a family of appetizer-makers or servers – I married into them. One of the ways the funny guy in the red checked shirt caught my attention – and kept it – was because he was the first person I knew who would spend so much time on such small amounts of food.


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