In the Meantime

I’ve mentioned before that Len is building a new website for me. It will have a section for these random essays I write. It will have my old Less Is More Gazette as a category. It will have a section for sermons I’ve preached and talks I’ve given because I want to do more of that. It will have short stories. It will have – and I’m curious to see if this works or not – a side section where you can send greetings to friends and family or advertise your small business/sideline for $10/month.

Dreams, Cats, and Failure - "Inside Llewyn Davis"

Last night I watched “Inside Llewyn Davis.” It is a 2013 movie directed by Ethan and Joel Coen.

Don’t watch it if you like a clear plot and an understandable ending that portrays how the character has grown and matured!

The movie portrays a week in the life of a folk singer in Greenwich Village (NYC) in 1961. The story is loosely based on the autobiography of an actual folk singer of that era and locale – that book is “Mayor of MacDougal Street” by Dave Van Ronk.

Quitting Facebook. Yes I am!

I was just looking at Facebook because I didn’t want to eat any more honeydew, didn’t want to get up and move stuff around, pack for the weekend, or read further into Oedipus at Colossus (I know, weird), or find my Kindle and load a book I’ve been hankering to read into it. You know … all the regular reasons to look at FB. I.e. can you spell procrastination?

Going Backwards

We were northbound on a busy 4-lane street in an unfamiliar Illinoisan suburb, looking for a Starbucks. Our smarty-pants phones said there was one close; I spied it on the other side of the two lanes of southbound cars. Len started to turn. Just then I noted the yellow sign that said ‘Do Not Enter’ … and repeated those very words to Len who turned anyway since he had already started. I think his words were, “They probably don’t mean it.”

He turned in just as the south bound cars; newly released from their red light, started streaming past the back of us.


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