T is for THREE Things

This is to let you know Otis is back home, healing, and watching bad and good TV. George was going to be with him most of the surgery day, but ended up only being there part of it because his car broke down along the way! So much adventure for a Tuesday.

I thank you and Otis thanks you for your thoughts and prayers and hopes.

Pals forever....

T is for Two Things

1.) Len is working on a new website for me. He’s been at it for weeks between all the other things he does. I don’t know when it will be done, probably a couple more weeks. It’s exciting to me as it will launch some new directions I want to go with my writing.

In the meantime, this website is very quiet. We are fine and working hard over here, you just don’t see it.

If you want me to write about something in particular, let me know what that is and I’ll do my best. (Yes, that’s a dare.)

S is for System

I have a system for sleeping.

I get ready for bed, and then I read for a while. When I get v-e-r-y sleepy, I roll over and Len scratches my back mindlessly while he reads. To make this even cuter, our cat has learned to jump on the bed and head-butt my hand until I scratch her back while Len scratches mine.

The cat and I fall asleep.

After a while Len also gets sleepy, turns off his light, and crumples into his side of the bed. He sighs and then breathes slower and slower until he is asleep.

Q is for Querns

A quern is the 10,000-year old Cuisinart. The photo I am using today is of a quern found in southern Arizona and set outside the door to the park headquarters of Organ Pipe National Monument, I recognized it because I’ve written about querns in the past!

Zoey - P is for Pup

Our daughter adopted a little stray pup last fall from a shelter in Chicago. Zoey was my introduction to little pups. I thought apartment sized dogs were yappy and snippy and too much work. I didn’t understand, in my heart of hearts, why people wanted a 15-pound dog.

O is for Oh!

I know many of you are okay with a little or a lot of Mary Beth’s writing. We aren’t having a crisis here, but I know I will be mostly not be here for the next week. I thought I would mention it in case you were wondering.

N is for Anne Hutchinson

Yes, I know Anne Hutchinson doesn’t start with N – but look at that name! There are FOUR N’s in it! That has to count … also; one can definitely say she was nervy, noble, nonconformist, nonplussed, noteworthy, and inspiringly noncompliant.

“As I understand it, laws, commands, rules and edicts are for those who have not the light which makes plain the pathway.” Anne Hutchinson

So who was Anne Hutchinson? This woman was strong, smart, and fascinating!

M is for Massive

M is for the massive freight trains that rumble through my neighborhood dozens of times per day. Our house is in the very middle of a long block. Up at the east end of this street is a wide boulevard laid out a hundred years ago, on which there still big, graceful Victorian mansions. That is the direction we go when we want to walk to Carroll University to hear a concert. Up the hill takes us to chatty old neighborhoods with gardens, leafy trees shading quiet streets, ivy on retaining walls, people walking toddlers and dogs.

At the west end of our block is the train tracks.

L is for Lincoln – responding to the bombing of Homs

Last night the United States shot 60 missiles from two ships in the Mediterranean Sea to the Shayrat Airfield at Homs, Syria. This was, as you know, in retaliation for the horrendous chemical bombing earlier this week that wounded 350 people and children, killing at least 75 of them.

We are waking up this morning wondering what this means. If this is the only attack, if this cripples Bashar al-Assad’s military ability to attack his own people, maybe this is good. Dear God we hope so.


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