12 days of Christmas

Nine Ladies Dancing & Ten Lords a' Leaping

Ginger and Fred AKA Skill and Joy

If there was ever a night made for dancing, that night would be New Year’s Eve.

A couple of the years in my 20’s I was involved in churches so I would choose to go to parties hosted by fellow church people. I remember the year I went to a BIG party of good looking and imaginative singles in their 20’s and 30’s. This was in Chicago and the guy hosting the gig was a lawyer with a nice house, enough income, and a social conscience.

Awesome party, right?


Know why?

No dancing.

Seven Swans a' Swimming

So the guy (or girl) has given his (or her) sweetheart, to date:
A fancy partridge with red legs (go ahead; read Wikipedia for don’t-miss details like this…)
2 cooing love-doves
3 French (read, superior…) hens
4 Calling Birds (who else besides me is thinking of Lily Tomlin?)
5 Golden Rings (did you see that we have about 10 rings now in our album? scroll back if you haven’t seen them all)
6 Geese a’ Layin’

Six Geese a' Layin'

I grew up in a tuna-free home. You may wonder at this since I am a child of the 50’s; didn’t ALL our moms make tuna noodle casserole?

My suspicion - and I only thought about this just today while walking (that again, BOY was it cold out there!) is this. Blame it on WWII.

Five Golden Rings

Here are hands with rings that bespeak commitment, happy times, hard times, sweetness, light, and probably some real good arguments that we are not going to think about on the first morning of winter.

Would you like to add your hands and rings to this album? We don’t need names or faces. Just take a photo of your hand and ring, or your ringed-hand with your partner. Slip your mom or dad’s or grandparent’s rings onto your hand, too, if you would like.

Feel free to tuck any available babies into the shot – everyone loves a wide-eyed baby.

Four Calling Birds

No bishops, just a backyard cardinal.

We weren’t going to put out the bird feeders this year. It costs that extra $10 a month, and we aren’t here that much to see the birds, and they’re birds, ya know? If birds couldn’t find their own supper, they sure wouldn’t be here.

The truth is, since birds are dinosaurs nearest relatives, the newcomers on the block are US! Birds know lots of survival tips. Such as, when it’s hard, fly away. When it’s too hot, fly away. When it’s too cold, fly away.

Three French Hens

I don’t know much about hens and I know even less French, other than this. Those French do have a reputation for excellent cuisine.

I married Len and we went to Europe on our honeymoon. Mostly we stayed with friends in Denmark.

It was last few days of our “4 countries in 17 days”; we were driving our rental car back to Brussels, Belgium. We decided to do a one day hop to Brugges.


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