A Gone Way of American Life?

This is a memory from Kathleen Morkert … except actually, it’s from Larry Morkert, who passed away this year. I read this when Kath sent it; I can hear Larry’s respect and affection for these women and I can also hear his laughter because people do unexpected things that only make us love them more.

Miss you, Larry.
A favorite Larry story from San Francisco

Quitting Facebook. Yes I am!

I was just looking at Facebook because I didn’t want to eat any more honeydew, didn’t want to get up and move stuff around, pack for the weekend, or read further into Oedipus at Colossus (I know, weird), or find my Kindle and load a book I’ve been hankering to read into it. You know … all the regular reasons to look at FB. I.e. can you spell procrastination?

Pioneer Quest

My niece visited from California for a few days. When she and I communicated about her visit, I enthusiastically said she and I could go hiking; maybe Scuppernong, maybe the Victorian houses neighborhood that is walking distance from my house.

Then, the way life happens in the Midwest in July; the three days she was here the temps were in the 90’s and the humidity was worse and we didn’t feel much enthusiasm for walking after all.

A reflection on our times -- A letter in defense of Donald Trump

Friend to many of us, Paula Voelkel, is a thinker. She emailed these thoughts to some of her friends. I think her take on Donald Trump is far wiser and curious than much of what I read about him (I have been reading too much). I asked Paula if I could share it here and she said yes.
From Paula Voelkel:

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, but I am grateful for his role in revealing this country to itself.

220-Year Old Rules for Developing a Strong Community, As Laid Down by a Competitive Honeymooner.

I have been reading “William Cooper’s Town; Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early American Republic” by Alan Taylor. Alan Taylor is an expert in Colonial history; he teaches at the University of California-Davis.

The real life figure of William Cooper was the real life father of James Fennimore Cooper, who wrote “The Pioneers”, a thinly disguised novel of his father’s complicated life.

Skin Deep

Last night, realizing it was pleasant outside; we turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows. Len went for a bike ride while I lounged on the sofa, under the paddle fan, reading a low-quality book with a premium smile on my face.

There is that delicious moment when you turn off the manufactured cool air… Ahhh…

What’s outside – sweet or stinky, loud or quiet, beautiful or stupid - wafts in and around you. It’s almost a religious moment as your skin does its incarnational thing, resuming human life in the given world.

DO Something

City cemetery tree

Between my first and second years of seminary I took a job as the director of a day camp in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. This was one of the most awful and wonderful summers of my adult life.


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