Making Breakfast

I have written seven letters to various elected officials in the past three days. I need a vision in my head of people who live their lives with integrity. Do you?
I wrote the following in 2006 after I had spent three days in the altiplano (highlands) of Guatemala with the family of one of the MayaWorks weavers.
Please, when you are done reading this, go to and order something, if you can.

This is how Doña V, and a million other Maya women, make breakfast for their families every morning.

Monday, Monday...

At 6:30 AM, my WWF buddy asked me what I was going to do today. (WWF would be ‘Words with Friends’ not the World Wrestling Federation, in case you were wondering.) What, you don’t carry out an entire important friendship with someone via the chat option of WWF?

I said I thought it would be low-key day. I wrote a short story last week but I don’t like how it ends, so I was going to work on that. Plus go for a walk. That’s all. And probably there was something else on my list, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

It is now High Noon.

Sunny Funerals

Yesterday was the funeral of Jack Jude. I met him off and on over the years we lived in Racine. He was a smart, compassionate, wide-thinking, justice-for-all judge in Racine County. We were not close friends but we knew each other, and talked from time to time when we ran into each other in the Law Enforcement Center. Twice, when I encountered complicated legal snafus in regards to the guys I worked with, I called him. He would listen and then suggest options and strategies.

I know Jack’s unexpected death has rocked many lives.

Gold and Silver Bites Back

I read that today, February 17, is FACT Day! I get excited about FACTS! You get enough genuine facts and you get a REALITY that works for humans. As opposed to a reality built on greed, drama, megalomania, injustice, and prejudice, which, as you may have noticed, makes life suck.

Oh, you thought I was talking about the Trump administration and the current Russian drama?

How we woke up last Thursday

We were sleeping ever so nicely, the little old woman and the little old man, their little old cat snoring in the quilted valley between their warm backs.

Suddenly there was a Ka-Boom! The little old aforesaid humans sat bolt upright!! The cat disappeared to wherever shy cats with bad breath go when they are super-startled.

Len and I both said, and I quote: ‘What was that??”

Asking Questions - sermon of 1/29/2017

My church worship committee asked if I would preach this week. I said yes, then thought about and worked on this for weeks.
My church, BTW, is United Unitarian Universalist of Waukesha. I've never gone to a church in my life where I didn't need to hide some of my doubts and skepticism about the theologies or practices of that church. It is a revelation to me to bring ALL of me to church - convictions and doubts, ideas and questions, all equally welcome. Where the question of who can fill the pulpit is - "Does this person have something edifying to say?"


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