Favorites - Wedded Bliss

These are some of my favorite columns about Wedded Bliss:

Happy Anniversary

Years ago, a friend revealed to me how unhappy she was about her life. Being the marvelously insightful and sensible person that I was back then (note the irony of middle age currently speaking), I advised her how to correct the direction of her life. She was so pleased with my wisdom that she never talked to me again.

I learned my lesson. Large subjects are best left to licensed professionals and bartenders. The rest of us should keep our noses out.

Uncle Ken's Gift

Why do we do we give presents to each other? Why do we give things to people who have enough money to go out and buy their own stuff? What turns an object that anyone could obtain -- into a true gift from one person to another?

It's been a few years since my Uncle Ken gave a true gift to my Aunt Helen.

My Husband, the Mouser

Marriage is like a grab bag at a cheap carnival. You may think you know what you're doing when you lay down your dollar -- but you probably don't. That moment when you look your intended in the eye and plight your troth, did you have any idea what a troth was?

I will never forget when my beloved took my hands into his and promised to share everything he was with me.

Marriage Makers

Last fall my husband didn't have a heart attack.

It was a muggy autumn day. He'd ridden his bike 30 miles, something he's been doing once or twice a week for years. He drank lots of water, enjoyed the strenuous ride, came home, had a peanut butter sandwich plus some other healthy if slightly odd snacks (prunes, orange juice, and sardines -- he often leans towards the appetite of a cat on a health kick).