Favorites - Noting Aggravations

These are some of my favorite columns about noting aggravations:

On Having No Kids

I love the joke about the guy who's a cement worker. One day some kids run through his just poured, freshly smoothed, still wet sidewalk. He becomes so furious that he yells at the kids and then chases them. A co-worker tries to calm him down.

He mumbles back at his buddy. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love children in the abstract. But not in the concrete."

Excellence #2

I have been thinking about the quality of excellence and what it has to with the reality of our children's lives and futures. What I ponder is this. How responsible are we parents to make sure that the environment they inhabit is excellent?

These days most of our kids have nerve-wracking combinations of excellent and not-so-excellent teachers. They whirl in extra-curricular activities - music lessons, sports, clubs, hobbies, and constantly changing and evolving friendships. Some are stunning opportunities. Others are almost terminally mediocre.

Paul was Cool

The kids are back in school and activities, I'm back in the car, and already I'm weary of the deejays on the kids' radio stations.

I may be the last parent in America who's not too upset by teenager music. Those of us who remember groovy classics like Paul Anka's "Having my baby (what a wonderful way to tell me how much you love me...)" are in no position to say this generation has a monopoly on lousy music with obnoxious content.

Adidas Saga

They say the slippery slope to doom is paved with good intentions. They don't warn you how it can all start on the banana peel of modern life.

Our descent began very innocently, right after Christmas, when my older daughter mentioned that she wanted a particular kind of shoes. I replied something along the lines of "Uh-huh".


Hey! Where's the remote? It's the new television season! Time to grab the snack cakes, sprint to the couch, and resume America's #1 pastime -- full (sofa) contact TV watching.

Right. I watched the premier of "NYPD Blue." I'm pretty fond of Sipowitz, but I am getting a little bored by those relentlessly intense young detectives with good hair. I want back the interesting kind of characters they featured a few years ago.

"No, I did not kill that lady. I only killed my own mother and then I served my time. I never wanted to kill anybody but her."