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Are you a high-end bicycle rider person?

Yeah, me neither. I like my bike and ride it some. Len is a bike guy 30 years now; he's been out for several long rides already this spring - when it was spring. It's winter again, so not today. 

Our son works for Trek Bikes which is handy. He loves bicycling and he also loves the high-end, high-tech equipment that can make a fast, light bike faster and lighter. Son rides his bike 70-80 miles on a “fun” day. When the weather is reasonable, he rides the 20-mile commute to his job. 

He has these wheels, listed below, that he wants to sell. New, they are $2500.

You can see more photos at:

He is willing to negotiate with potential buyers for this set.  If the price comes in at around $1500, he will include shipping for free.

Used Aeolus 5 wheels

Front and rear Aeolus 5 Carbon Fiber Wheels

Shod in 28mm AW3 Bontrager tires

Set up currently with Tubes, but are Tubeless ready (TLR rimstrips)

Includes an Ultegra 11-28 cassette, Race Level Skewers, and a brand new set of Black Prince carbon specific brake pads.

Used 2 seasons, there is some chipping on the hub, only Cosmetic

Contact him at:

Or communicate with me through my contact stuff, and once again, you WON'T end up on the comments - I will forward your message to my son. Make sure to include your preferred contact info. 

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(Don't) Send in the Clowns

Where this blog-post started: Several posts ago “The Non-Consumer Advocate” was about clowns. Specifically, the weird clown flotsam one finds when thrifting.  Here’s what Katy Wolk-Stanley posted at her site.  

Marching for Our Lives in Milwaukee Today

Len and I went to the March for our Lives in Milwaukee today.

Here are of our observations and thoughts.

First: There were as many not-young people as young ones. It was the most age-diverse protest/march I have ever attended and that felt good. This is a young person’s movement right now, and that's awesome – but the reality when one is there feels far less “youth vs old people” than the media makes this out to be. People young and old and in-between want our laws to reflect the common sense of the majority of American citizens.

That Thing You Found or Made

Last week I went thrift shopping with my friend Franc. We saw this mobile made from dried paint brushes.  It’s hanging from the ceiling in the Habitat for Humanity reStore in Wauwatosa. 

I appreciate eclectic things made by real humans – as opposed to all the cool, anonymous stuff straight from a design team in some random place you’ve never heard of, that comes in an appropriately designed box, and it looks just like everything else. 

What is an object in your life that you love, that you would like to take with you to your last apartment and beyond?

Chicken to Eat and Three Billboards

I found an inexpensive, ethnic recipe for chicken, so I asked Len to buy a couple pounds of chicken legs or thighs while he was out. Humanely raised chicken breasts were the least expensive cut at the store he visited, he bought them.

So now I need to upgrade my recipe to be worthy of the meat he brought home.

This happens to me a lot. I have a somewhat energetic idea and the world responds with abundance, as if the world doesn't know how to do "just enough."

#1 Offer on Behalf of my Grand-Pup Bean

FIRST – THE OFFER IF you live in Waukesha or Racine.

Len and I are going to Madison this coming Saturday. We can pick up a handmade-from-scratch frozen pie for you - and Len and I will deliver it TO you (probably) on Sunday afternoon.  That is – March 11.

Pies are $14 each and you can choose your flavor – Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Peach-raspberry, Strawberry-rhubarb

Put the frozen pie into your oven at 325 for about 3 hours.  Or, thaw and bake around an hour - in either case bake til you can see the filling bubbling a little.

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