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I was ready on Wednesday to do this post when I learned Windows wanted me to do an update ASAP; that took most of that day. Thursday was my Festival of Third Grade Pen Pals. One whippersnapper addressed me as Dear Mrs. Danyolsin and now I sort of want to spell my name this way forever.

I thought today would be a languorous day devoted to writing.



Lorna’s Jackpot!

Jackpot loves to run.

He is fascinated by the clothes in the dryer.

Jackpot will be 4 years old in about a week and Lorna says, “He is the oddest dog I’ve ever known. He loves watching “The Thin Man” movies and he loves B&W movies, including musicals with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.”

(Must share Thin Man quotes…)

Nora: Take care of yourself.

Nick: Why, sure I will.

Nora: Don’t say it like that! Say it as if you mean it!

Nick: Well, I do believe the little woman cares.

Nora: I don't care! It's just that I'm used to you, that's all.


Nora: Do you want a drink?

Nick: What do you think?


Nora Charles: If that knife's missing, I'll look for it in your back.


Nora Charles: Are you packing?

Nick Charles: Yes dear, I'm putting away this liquor.


Jackpot has good taste in old movies.

This is Bailey, who is Dave’s grand dog. Bailey and Dave are usually on good terms. Although… “Yesterday she stole a raisin oatmeal cookie from my shelves and knocked 3 other cookies on the floor. When she went home, she stole 3/4 of Dan’s quesadilla. About a half hour later, she had the nerve to go to her bowl and then look at Dan and Steph like, “Where’s my dog chow?” I’m just glad that Bailey lives with Dan and Steph and not with me.”

 Spoken like a true and loving grandparent.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.” ― Julia Child

Oh, pity the poor glutton
Whose troubles all begin
In struggling on and on to turn
What's out into what's in.”
― Walter de la Mare

Chris sent these photos of her fur pals. Jock is ginger orange, Jiji is all black and the pup is Jazzie. The cats are acrobats who take turns doing tightrope tricks on the staircase bannister.

“One cat just leads to another.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Cats are rather delicate creatures, and they are subject to a good many different ailments, but I have never heard of one who suffered from insomnia.” Joseph Wood Krutch

Chris is a calm and lovely person whom I have known since our kids were in preschool together. She has had as many as six cats, three dogs, and six (amazing) kids all at once. She visited Len and I a year ago.  As we sat in my living room, I realized it was one of the first times I had ever seen her sit down.

This is Becky, the dog who raised our kids, (kinda) saved our neighborhood, and made the world a better place. I would remortgage the house to spend another day with her.

“Daisy didn't just change our lives; she changed our destiny.” ― Maryam Faresh

Jennifer has two pups and a cat. Her family adopted the little white puppy Luna during quarantine. Fun and games.

“My fashion philosophy is if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” ―Elayne Boosler

“Fall in love with a dog, and in many ways you enter a new orbit, a universe that features not just new colors but new rituals, new rules, a new way of experiencing attachment.” ―Caroline Knapp

 Luna learning from Gracie how to howl.

Shelby the Cat is teaching Luna more about house rules. Which are, the cat rules.

Gracie is wise, calm, and takes care of everyone. (Editorial note: What beautiful gleaming fur!)


Happy Valentine's weekend!




Animals calm your soul

M.B. I was laying in bed reading this and enjoying the furry photos people are sharing... Ms. Seema is downstairs rattling her food dish because it's past her breakfast time, how she tells time is beyond my comprehension... Anyway, the photo of Becky came up and now I'm laying here crying because of all the wonderful memories of her and Daisy( aka Negra ) are now playing in my head and heart... They did enjoy each other's company and I miss them both...
Mary Beth's picture

All companion animals are a gift, even when they upchuck and shed and bite the furniture and chew Judy's shoes. But if one is lucky, some animals will come with such big hearts and above average brains and they move into your heart and never move out.

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Quarantine Diary #350 A Petition to Sign & a Pink Frog

I have now had both Covid vaccinations with no miserable side effects after either of them. Color me grateful.

I read recently that some people with long-haul symptoms are finding surprising relief after receiving the first vaccination. Have you heard this? I hope it’s true.

Living through this Covid pandemic; waiting for scientists and politicians to find a vaccine and then get it to us - this has been walking on water WHILE looking for a miracle. What we needed yesterday is what we are trying to figure out today.

Two Books & One Movie / Reviews by Me 2/24/2021

Go ahead, ask me what I’ve been doing lately…

The movie we watched is Nomadland directed by Chloe Zhao.

In 2018 I wrote this review of Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. (Read here) The book is nonfiction and was so powerful that two years later, it still affects how I think about being old in our nation.

Disaster Prep - Find Your Pack

The disaster unfolding in Texas right now is on my mind. How about yours?

On Twitter I saw several lists of where to donate to organizations. When I finish this post, I will donate to Austen Urban League -

Stress & Violence

 I have been reading about the people who attacked our nation’s capital on January 6th.

These two articles are good.  From The Atlantic (Read here )  and from The Lowdown, a blog by Jonathon Low  (Read here) 

Quarantine Diary #337 Moira the Dog & Movies Review

The picture is from a wonderful picture book, A New Coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert. 


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