Thanksgiving is upon us. We give thanks for one who has passed.
There are some photos, of course.
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So sorry for your friend's loss, and yours. I have lovely memories of my parents dancing like that; glad she got to dance into her nineties!

I am thankful for our kids and grandkids, all so different, all pursuing life with zest and hope even when it plays rough. So I will sift through the photo stash on my camera and Facebook and update the framed pictures around the house that remind me of them every day even when they are far away.

I am thankful for our church family, and in particular all the ways it finds to bring goodness and kindness into the lives of our neighbors and those who live around us, our parish if you will. We'll be acting out that thanks by being as generous as we can in our annual benevolence offering which goes entirely into a fund out of which we run the food pantry and clothing closet, care for our single moms, give emergency aid, and so on.

And finally I am thankful this year for music, in all its gobsmackingly diverse variety and wonder. And much as I am grateful for recorded music, I will try harder this year to go hear music live, because there is something wonderful about being there as the music is being made, watching the performers, and sometimes getting to participate.

Blessings on all of you this week, wherever you celebrate your Thanksgiving and however 'feast-y' or not it is!

What a lovely tribute to my mom. Thanks so much. I will share it with my family.


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