PDQ #80

Is anyone doing anything Right lately?
This was my question this week.
I found a cool answer about Nigeria right now.

Please note this. There is a Reason why the PDQ is a PDF embedded in a blog. (Seriously, who else does this????)
It makes it easy for me to insert photos where I want, so there's that...
But the main reason for this odd format is this - it's easy to print from my computer or from yours.
If there is a person in your life (maybe older, maybe not too comfortable on a computer) who might like the PDQ, please feel free to print it and then snail-mail to them (one $.70 stamp). I would love it if this became an easy way for others to send greetings to someone they care about, even when they don't have time to write a letter.

We do better when we stay connected.

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