PDQ #68

Imagination and Bill Reid and Grapes

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Love the pictures - all of them!! Hmmmmm - not sure who that older lady might have been? Mae Weaver? Brings to mind two pie stories - Garry's Mom once made a cherry pie - she forgot to pit the cheeries!!! I once made Grandpa a raisin pie (ick) - bottom crust with raisin filling - he laughed when I gave it to him - said yum and thank you - but it should have had an upper crust!!!

I learn something new every time I read the PDQ. (Poet, don't know it)
So, Bill Reid is his name. I've admired his work for years, and wondered where that imaginative creativity comes from. He is amazing--and rides a bike, and is a friend of yours. Love it!
Grape pie sounds like fun,but very labor intensive.
Eye day 12. No sense complaining. Who would listen? (Except the Marys, of course)


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