PDQ #26

Becky and Blessings and a long-ago vole

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I recall that one of our former pastors, at our church in MD, once related a story about the time that he and some of his fellow teenage friends dove down to the coast to catch some crabs. Not thinking the situation through very well, they collected the crabs and placed them all in a big cardboard box, put the box in the trunk, and then started driving home. By the time they got home, many of the crabs had crawled out of the box and into all kinds of air spaces, between the trunk and the outer steel body. This was an old car of the late 50s, with big fins, so there was a lot of air space in there. That car stunk for months!

I am so sorry over your loss of Becky, losing a pet is so difficult.
I remember her from visits to your home, so many years ago, it seems.
I know she was a blessing and her memory will continue to warm you, while the sadness is tempered by time.
Blessings for the love you spread with your words and smile, MB!

I'm so sorry to hear of Becky's passing. She was a great dog - full of wonder and love.

My hear goes out to you.

I will always remember what you told me when Monroe died - " past pets will be the first to greet you when you get to heaven".

Love you.


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