PDQ #25

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Ah yes, the fillets of lake fish..I froze them to use the next day. In the morning I set them into the kitchen sink. The grown ups got up from the breakfast table to help with dishes and innocently washed the fillets down the drain. Later that day, thinking where did that fish go, I realized they were down the drain, had been for several hours. There they sat above the garbage disposal blades, no longer fit to eat. So much for this fish that taught grandchildren that #1 grandma keeps her promises. #2 grandma knows where the rib cage and spine of the fish are, but not which gooey organ is the heart. #3 grandma will knock the struggling fish on the head with a small bat, but not repeatedly hit the fish on the head despite screams from grandchildren to "whack him again". #4 the fish gave his all, and never became anyone's meal..how sad.

I was wondering why Jacob suddenly for got he was potty trained, my car battery died while I was filling up with gas, my dad got sick, I was going to IL, no FL, no wait back to IL...I'm now totally on board with the mercury retrograde deal! Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures by the way.


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