June 2017

In the Meantime

I’ve mentioned before that Len is building a new website for me. It will have a section for these random essays I write. It will have my old Less Is More Gazette as a category. It will have a section for sermons I’ve preached and talks I’ve given because I want to do more of that. It will have short stories. It will have – and I’m curious to see if this works or not – a side section where you can send greetings to friends and family or advertise your small business/sideline for $10/month.

T is for THREE Things

This is to let you know Otis is back home, healing, and watching bad and good TV. George was going to be with him most of the surgery day, but ended up only being there part of it because his car broke down along the way! So much adventure for a Tuesday.

I thank you and Otis thanks you for your thoughts and prayers and hopes.

Pals forever....