May 2017

T is for Two Things

1.) Len is working on a new website for me. He’s been at it for weeks between all the other things he does. I don’t know when it will be done, probably a couple more weeks. It’s exciting to me as it will launch some new directions I want to go with my writing.

In the meantime, this website is very quiet. We are fine and working hard over here, you just don’t see it.

If you want me to write about something in particular, let me know what that is and I’ll do my best. (Yes, that’s a dare.)

Getting Off the Tilt-a-Whirl

Flox by the railroad tracks at 7AM. 5-18-2017

Over here at the Lucky Dog Chalet (our house) we are at Day #5 of being above-average happy about Life in General.

I’ve always been more curious about success than failure. It’s easy to be miserable; just eat a sleeve of store-bought cookies, blame it on someone else, then watch the news. Right? How to be miserable in 3 simple steps without getting off the sofa

But happy? Content? Pleased?

What happened? What brought on this Cloud of Mild Cheer?

Here’s what happened.


S is for System

I have a system for sleeping.

I get ready for bed, and then I read for a while. When I get v-e-r-y sleepy, I roll over and Len scratches my back mindlessly while he reads. To make this even cuter, our cat has learned to jump on the bed and head-butt my hand until I scratch her back while Len scratches mine.

The cat and I fall asleep.

After a while Len also gets sleepy, turns off his light, and crumples into his side of the bed. He sighs and then breathes slower and slower until he is asleep.

Q is for Querns

A quern is the 10,000-year old Cuisinart. The photo I am using today is of a quern found in southern Arizona and set outside the door to the park headquarters of Organ Pipe National Monument, I recognized it because I’ve written about querns in the past!

Zoey - P is for Pup

Our daughter adopted a little stray pup last fall from a shelter in Chicago. Zoey was my introduction to little pups. I thought apartment sized dogs were yappy and snippy and too much work. I didn’t understand, in my heart of hearts, why people wanted a 15-pound dog.

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz sermon of 4-30-2017

Recently I re-watched the movie “Apocalypse Now”. It starts with Willard the CIA assassin, mumbling importantly to himself - as only a white male CIA assassin who treasures his own guilty conscience can mumble; “I wanted a mission - and for my sins they gave me one.”

First thing that came to my mind when Jennifer and Meg asked if I would preach today… “I wanted a mission – and for my sins they gave me one.”

Who We Welcome is Who We Are: