January 2017

How we woke up last Thursday

We were sleeping ever so nicely, the little old woman and the little old man, their little old cat snoring in the quilted valley between their warm backs.

Suddenly there was a Ka-Boom! The little old aforesaid humans sat bolt upright!! The cat disappeared to wherever shy cats with bad breath go when they are super-startled.

Len and I both said, and I quote: ‘What was that??”

Asking Questions - sermon of 1/29/2017

My church worship committee asked if I would preach this week. I said yes, then thought about and worked on this for weeks.
My church, BTW, is United Unitarian Universalist of Waukesha. I've never gone to a church in my life where I didn't need to hide some of my doubts and skepticism about the theologies or practices of that church. It is a revelation to me to bring ALL of me to church - convictions and doubts, ideas and questions, all equally welcome. Where the question of who can fill the pulpit is - "Does this person have something edifying to say?"

Yep, I see you and you're looking good.

It's complicated

Dear Carrie Cariello,
Today at your website, you ask, “Can you tell?” My answer is, “Yep!”
To my readers who don’t read Cariello’s website every Monday … I suggest you do and this is why.

Carriello has five kids; Jack is her second and he is on the spectrum for autism. Her question “Can you tell?” is directed to people who see her with Jack. Can we tell he has autism and what do we think?

Watch Samsara!

Samsara is the most stunning film I ever stumbled across accidentally. Where was I when this came out in 2012? I watch parts of the Oscars each year, why didn’t they tell me to WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!

So, let me be the one to tell you. WATCH THIS MOVIE! If you have streaming video, you can view it tonight while the temps outside are frightful. We paid $1.99. I bet your library has it; if not ask them to borrow it from their inter-library system. You might be able to watch it on YouTube.