September 2016

The Day I Walked up a Mountain to a Maya Stele and Was Amazed

A photo from my first MayaWorks trip.

This story is from 2006. Most of you who know me, know that I have been a volunteer with MayaWorks since 2002. For seven years it was my privilege to be on the MayaWorks board, and during that time I traveled to Guatemala four times.
I learned this just recently that soon - COOL NEWS! – the entire endeavor is going to be run from Guatemala. They have connected with a strong and reliable shipper there; products can be packed and mailed from Chimaltenango.

Mindful Chicken 9/19/16

Photo by Kathryn Rouse, Thanks, KJR!

Mindful? Thinking about what we do around here to be responsible to the world and to ourselves.
Chicken? Cheep, Cheep, Cheap!

ONE – I baked. I realized our sweet potatoes were losing their youth. I looked on the internet to see if there is such a thing as Sweet Potato Bread and of course there is. It was delicious, and there is one piece left in, I can hear it humming.

The Mindful Chicken 9-12-16

Thanks, Kathryn, for this great pix. It was a good day and good walk...

Mindful? Thinking about what we do around here to be responsible to the world and to ourselves.
Chicken? Cheep, Cheep, Cheap!

ONE – Weather is getting stranger and stronger; have you noticed? Yeah you have.

We ruminated what weather-related catastrophes are possible in our house and neighborhood. We live in a hundred year-old house in a crowded neighborhood; we are on municipal water and sewer lines of a town that had some flooding in 2008. If run-off chokes the system, it would be possible for water or sewerage to back up into our basement. Oh yuck.

P. Wilman R.I.P.

Wilman, Laura, Quentin. It got better.

You who are my friends already know some of these stories about my dad but a friend from my home town was in the area a few weeks ago and I was regaling her with some of this stuff. Peg said, “My mom loves stories like these, you should write them down.”

Well, there’s a thought. Hi, Mrs. Houk!

The Mindful Chicken

Cheap: Sometimes I’m as cheap, cheep, cheep as a chicken.

Mindful: I like to think about how to live the best life most simply, enjoying life on earth without assuming it’s all here for me. You know; like using ALL the water and never sharing and buying whatever is cheapest without regard to how it got to me and where it’s going when I’m done with it.

Which would be a good mascot for me and many of you, too. Mindful chickens.

This is what I did this morning.

Time Off to Think about Work

For nearly ten years I coordinated the Employment Program in the Racine County Jail (through a programming contracting company). What I did was figure out what guys (or women) in the jail at any particular time were qualified to be in the program. I’d interview them, have them moved to the Huber dorm of the jail (the portion of jail population allowed to leave the jail for designated times). I led employability skills workshops for inmates and then participants had three weeks in which to look for and obtain a job.