June 2016

American 4th of July - We aren't retreating, we just got here!

1940 American census

I spent part of this morning looking around for my grandfather’s WWI record. (Did you look under the sofa, MB? Your socks, reading glasses, and a fudgesicle stick were there just yesterday.)

In the 1990’s, I wrote a Racine Journal Times column that included some tidbits about Grandpa Joe’s service in that war. Soon after the article appeared I received a letter from a local history buff who said he could get probably more info about my grandfather's military record. I talked with that pleasant guy and told him what I knew.

Wealthy and Wealthier

Everyone loves the new hot water heater.

Five ways I am Wealthier this Wednesday:

1. I voted for the other guy but I am Happy with Hillary. She’s lived a long and complicated life, and so have I. If there were no mistakes in her story I’d wonder what she was hiding. I trust her ambition (yes, I do) and I trust her goals … and she has a helluva resume … so here we go.